How to download jw player videos

Maybe you have been in such a situation before and asking yourself. “How to download JW Player Video? and What are the JW Player videos anyway?” Most of us are always busy and always walk, who do not want to sit behind, relax and watch videos. However, online video streaming is not always a good idea for us.

This is due to many different reasons. Things like the speed of your internet, which can continually influence your viewing experience due to buffering. Another is the stability of your internet connection. What if your connection falls suddenly? This would be a nightmare, right?!

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How To Download Videos from JW Player

Going back to the topic, the JW Player is a good engine behind the annoying autoplay video that you get when landing on some web pages. It’s also the player behind the little popup window that you see on pages when you scroll to tell that you must watch this video or it’s incredibly annoying at most of the time, but never There can be a video that you want to watch over and over again.

How To Download Videos from JW Player

JW Player was developed in 2005 and it’s headquarter located in New York. The JW Player is a video player software, named after the founder and initial developer Jeroen Wijering. It was javascript coded on the backend in such a manner that it significantly reduces the size of the video and its loading time is reduced when uploading over the Internet. And so, YouTube Video was streamed before JW Player was acquired by Google.

Due to the integrated support of HTML5 and Flash Video, videos hosted by JW Player can be viewed on major platforms including smartphones, tablets and computers. However, if the video hosted by JW player then the video can not be downloaded.

The JW player was supporting content creators in the monetization part because their uploaded videos could not be downloaded by users. And, JW Player was becoming popular for embedding videos into webpages. But here we are providing ways to know about how to download JW Player Video at no cost. Just stick with any of your favorite ways, you’ll immediately download jw player videos. Check out Best Android Apps.

1. Install IDM for Downloading

Many users prefer ‘Internet Download Manager‘ or IDM for quick and fast downloads of different files online. If you do not have IDM, then you have to download and install it.

Install IDM for Downloading

Once done, you need to follow the steps given below-

  • Open Browser and Stream JW Player Video
  • You’ll get a notification on the screen ‘Download This Video’
  • It is usually found in the upper right corner of the JW Player
  • Click on it and choose the preferred option
  • You can go with all downloads’ or choose your favorite file for download. After this IDM will open and will start downloading the file.

Note: If you do not get the information of the IDM, then it is likely that you need to manually enable it from ‘Extensions and Themes’ using the Options tab. Once done, restart your browser and follow the steps outlined above.

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2. Install GetFLV Player

This is another useful way to download JW Player videos online. Follow these steps-

Install GetFLV Player

  • Download and Install ‘GetFLV Player
  • Run this desktop app
  • Copy that video URL(which one you want to download) and open it on the player
  • Play favorite video and wait
  • Now click on the button ‘Download'(which highlighted in green below)

This will ask you to select the destination folder, select it and save the video. That’s it. Now enjoy.

3. Using Firefox Extension Can Help

Download Videos from JW Player Using Firefox Extension Can Help

Another tip to download JW Player videos. Follow these simple steps –

  • Click on the ‘three parallel points’ in the upper right corner in Firefox
  • Select ‘Options’ from list
  • Scroll down on the main window
  • Select ‘Extensions and Themes’
  • On the search box, type ‘Flash Video Downloader
  • Press ‘Enter’ key
  • Select 4K Flash Video Downloader – Download YouTube HD [4K] ‘
  • Click on ‘Add to Firefox’
  • Select ‘Add’ and then, Click ‘OK’
  • Congratulations! It has been added. But, You need to restart your browser once and then open the JW Player Video file which you want to download.
  • Click on the Flash Video Downloader icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select ‘Download’
  • Once you click on this option, it will ask you to select a location to download and save the file. And, it’s done.

4. Using Inspect Element In Google Chrome

Download Videos from JW Player Using Inspect Element In Google Chrome

The simplest method is here. Let’s see –

  • Stream the video you want to download
  • Right-click on the page
  • Select ‘Inspect Element’
  • The Inspect Element section will open:
  • Go to ‘Network’ and select ‘Media’
  • Play your video for a few seconds
  • Find the .mp4 file link in the media section
  • Right-click on the file link
  • Select ‘Open in a new tab’
  • It can redirect you to a new page and start downloading special videos.


The first two ways to download any JW Player Video are quite good; However, you can choose any methods to enjoy watching any of the JW Player videos with your family and friends. We shared here the methods about how to download JWPlayer videos. Note, this post is for educational purposes. If you have any problems, please comment below. If you download these apps from third-party sites, it is wise to check the software. Do not download software other than reliable sources.

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