Strategies To Win Escape Room

When people enter into a game, everyone tries their best to win it. In the escape room, you don’t necessarily have to beat the other person to win. But you need to get out of the room within time to win the game.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Beat An Escape Room in 2020

Well, escape rooms are tough. In fact, many groups couldn’t even manage to breakout. Its nothing like people are too stupid to solve it. It all depends on the strategy. I remember my first experience when I was young. I wasn’t able to do anything for the first 15 minutes. But as I played more rooms, I kept on discovering new things. The vr escape room franchise is the newest thing in the field of escape room for you to experience.

After going through a few numbers of escape rooms, I discover that they are not so hard to complete. All you need to know is what to do. therefore, today I am going to share with you the Strategies To Win Escape Room. 

Now, without taking even a single second, let’s move towards it.

Strategies To Win Escape Room

Pick The Right Team

All you need is a good group to play with. By good group, I don’t mean what you all know. It is about who you know. It is not necessary to get a bunch of smart people together with you. It is better to play with the people with whom you are the most comfortable. 

Understand The Rules Of The Room

This is a crucial point. There could be some items inside the room that you are not supposed to touch. Disrupting these things could result in messing up the puzzle then solving it. Many people lost so many times due to this kind of thing.

Another thing on which you have to keep a count on is the number of clues you get to solve the riddle, as well as the length of the game. Also, you need to understand how and in what way the clue is given.

Keep An Eye On The Clock

When you are inside the escape room an hour pass out very fast. Remember when you used to play video games. The time used to pass out at the double speed. The same happens while playing the escape room too.


These are some of the Strategies To Win Escape Room. But in all these strategies and winning, don’t forget to have fun in the game. This is the key ingredient of this game. If you won’t have fun, it doesn’t matter either you win the game or lose the game.

After all, the escape rooms are entertainment. Try not to storm out in anger if you won’t be able to complete it on time. Rather laugh on it and go for another try. Because at least you had fun for a complete hour. 

That’s all from my side on Strategies To Win Escape Room. All the best for your next escape room game. You are surely going to blast it off. And don’t let the winning or losing of the game determine your overall happiness.

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